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  1. an organization that has, and fosters, sufficiently capable workers
  2. a person capable of working, either in general or in a particular position


A comprehensive suite of four modules to manage your Training and Development initiatives.

  • Advanced Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Provides the numerous skills to perform a job
  • Delivers timely information on job preparedness
  • Enables continuous skill validation & documentation
  • Encourages self-directed learning

  • Job Title Identification
    • Steppingstones provide requirements and expectations of skills and previous experience
  • Builds Organizational Chart
  • Recruiting with candidate filtering and search
  • Career Map empowers Employee to plan their Career Path

  • Comprehensive Content Management System (CMS)
  • Organize Content into Libraries for easy retrieval and search capability
  • Centralized digital content for storage efficiency
  • Control access based on employer guidelines

  • Improves Employee Retention
  • Uses gamification to engage participants
  • Supports Company Culture
  • Easily validates and documents employee knowledge
  • Customizes programs for entire company, department, or user group



  • Global view of your workforce at any moment
  • Dashboards for detailed review of each critical area
  • Deep data visualization
  • Review of safety and job preparedness
  • Retention and Reward Program analysis Increases Effectiveness of the Company Spend
  • Know your Workforceable Quality Index

* This feature is avaible to Silver and above accounts.



Why invest in Learning?

Knowledge and skill foster confidence, which leads to successful outcomes, dedication, and loyalty across the business spectrum.

"The benefits of training far outweigh the costs of not training (worker's comp claims & fines, employee turnover, on top of low morale, quality, and customer satisfaction). I know, it can seem daunting, but we've made it easy, especially when it comes to the most valuable training, the everyday practical things like safety protocols, standard operating procedures, and customer preferences. It's a small investment of time to create and organize that will provide long-lasting returns, I promise."
Eric Smith, CEO


Going Paperless?

If you're working on reducing the use of paper, we've got the perfect solution to help. With Workforceable, you can choose to keep all your records in our cloud or download them, either way, there's no need to print.

Support for Human Resources.

Workforceable is a valuable companion to support your employee recruiting, development, and retention efforts. Documentation of all individual training assignments and achievements can provide critical data when needed.


Authentic, Collaborative Content

This is not a place to find millions of canned lessons and assessments or tons of curated content, it's where you create and manage what you know works best and meets your standards.

Competition is fueled by innovation, and the unique way your company does things is critical to holding a competitive edge, which means developing your own content is key to ensuring your successful operations model is implemented throughout your organization.




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