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Skill Development

Do your people know what you need them to?

With Workforceable, you can easily create and deliver vital information to your people and make sure they understand and put it into practice quickly, including company policies, procedures, safety protocols, customer preferences, etc.

The Workforceable Vital Knowledge Platform enables increasing, improving and assessing people's knowledge and capabilities at every stage of their professional journey.



Career Map

You can build an organizational chart with a profile for every job title and establish the steppingstones toward them, enabling you to find only qualified candidates when recruiting.

Employees can view every position and the skills and experience needed to qualify for them.

When employees can visualize their career potential, retention increases.

Sample Organizational Chart

Sample Career Map



360 Review

Workforceable enables continuous performance management and empowers employees throughout the organization to develop and sharpen their professional skills through self-directed learning.



Resource Management

Build your own learning content libraries.

Easily retrieve files.

Share courses with other entities.




Quickly Acquire & Implement:


A New Procedure or Protocol


Add Skills


Create New Content


Build a Challenge


Assign to People


Reward Success


Track Progress


Why invest in Learning?

Knowledge and skill foster confidence, which leads to successful outcomes, dedication, and loyalty across the business spectrum.


Going Paperless?

If you're working on reducing the use of paper, we've got the perfect solution to help. With Workforceable, you can choose to keep all your records in our cloud or download them, either way, there's no need to print.

Support for Human Resources.

Workforceable is a valuable companion to support your employee development efforts. Documentation of all individual training assignments and achievements can provide critical data when needed.


Authentic, Collaborative Content

This is not a place to find millions of canned lessons and assessments or tons of curated content, it's where you create and manage what you know works best and meets your standards.

Competition is fueled by innovation, and the unique way your company does things is critical to holding a competitive edge, which means developing your own content is key to ensuring your successful operations model is implemented throughout your organization.


1. Job Titles

  • View your Organizational Chart.
  • Set the requirements for each steppingstone to the Job Title.
    • Previous Job Title(s)
    • Knowledge & Skills
  • You can also recruit for a Job Title when needed.
    • Manage applicants and set their hiring status.

2. Learning Objectives

  • Learning Objectives (or Standards) are sets of subject matter progressions made up of concise statements that are used to clearly describe what learners are expected to know following instruction.
  • Topics (Lesson Plans) and Item Bank Questions can be aligned to Learning Objectives.

3. Content Topics

A Topic is your overall publication (or lesson plan). Once created, you can add Sections (or individual lessons) with included Learning Materials and Assessments.

  • Align with a Learning Objective Subject so that Assessments may be added to its Sections.
  • Include in Courses.
  • Assign to Users.

4. Item Banks

Item Banks are databases of Questions that can be compiled to create various Assessments.

Questions are connected to Learning Objectives.

  • Include Assessments in Courses.
  • Assign to Users.


Courses are groups of Content (Lesson Plans), and can include overall Assessments (i.e. Final Test, Evaluation).

  • Assign to Users.
  • View progress and generate reports.
  • Share with your partner Entities.


Create and manage your own Libraries to organize your Content.

  • Restrict access by Department and/or User Role.
  • Assign to Users.
  • Access Content that has been assigned to you.
  • Search for Content by keyword or navigate through the Library.


Develop a meaningful rewards program to incentivize your learners.

  • Offer rewards to Everyone, by Department, or by User Role.
  • Manage reward distribution.

The Workforceable App

  • Is used for completing Challenges and for accessing the Library and any content that has been assigned.
  • Applies gaming principles to boost engagement.
  • Is free and is available for both Android and iOS (Apple) devices in their respective app stores.




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