We offer the following pricing options to help ensure we meet our goal of helping as many people and organizations as possible become Workforceable.

Individual Account

  • Free
  • Single User Account

  • Resume Builder
  • Career Search
  • Workforceable Learning
  • Workforceable App
  • Employer Link
    • If you are hired by a Workforceable Entity, you can provide them with your User Code so they can attach you to their account, which will give you access to their account features.
    • If you separate from a Workfoceable Entity, your account will return to an Individual account but you will retain all of the skills you acquired with your Learning Vault.

Business Account

  • Monthly Subscription: $33 (U.S.)/Month
  • Annual Subscription: $316.80 (U.S.)/Year (-20%)

  • Insight Console
    • Global View
    • Dashboards
      • Safety Index Dashboard
      • Training & Development Index Dashboard
      • Retention Index Dashboard
    • Download ($100 each)
  • Learning Objectives (Skills Database)
    • Create Your Own
    • Workforceable's
  • Job Titles
    • Organizational Chart
    • Employee Career Map
    • Job Titles Builder
      • Job Title Steppingstones
        • Skill(s) and/or Previous Job Title(s)
    • Recruiting
      • Job Title Opening Activation ($25 each)
        • Receive Applications
        • Find Candidates (+$10)
        • Promote Opening in Search Results (+$25)
  • Topics (Lesson Plans)
    • Up to 10
    • Over 10, $5 each.
  • Item Bank
    • Assessments (Test, Challenge, Evaluation)
      • Up to 10
      • Over 10, $5 each.
  • Course Management
    • Course Sharing ($5 / share)
  • Library
    • Multiple Libraries
  • Reward Program Management
  • Administration
    • Manage Account
    • Manage Departments
    • Manage Users
      • Create Individual Accounts
      • View Learning Vault
      • Download Learning Vault ($25 each)
    • Manage Groups
  • Messenger
  • Calendar
    • Meetings
    • Tasks
    • Events
  • All Basic Functions

Enterprise Account

  • Active User Fee:
    • $5 (U.S.)/Month Billed Quarterly ($15)
  • Inactive User Fee:
    • $1 (U.S.)/Month Billed Quarterly ($3)
  • Free 90-Day Onboarding Period

  • All Account Features
  • No Add-On Fees
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Additional Services (Billed Separately)

  • API Integrations:
    • $0.0125 / transaction
    • There may be additional charges, depending on the use case.
  • Learning Program Management: We're dedicated to helping you develop a successful learning program, depending on your plans and capabilities.
    • Assist: We provide assistance with learning program development as needed.
    • Lead: We will create, develop, deliver, and manage the entire program for you.
  • Onboarding & Support: It is our goal to make Workforceable as user friendly as possible, so we provide a comprehensive Guide and In-Line Instructions throughout the platform.
    • Extended Support: If your support needs exceed what is provided, we will work with you to develop a support package.
  • Translation Service: If you need to have your content/assessments translated from English to Spanish or vice versa, we can help.


Is there a setup fee?

No. There is only the recurring fee of your plan plus any add-on fees for certain services (where applicable).

What is a Learning Vault?

It is where all Records of Courses, Topics(Lessons) and Assessments, Skill & Knowledge Badges, and Reward Points are stored and each User has their own.

What is an Active User?

It is a User with an account that is attached to your Entity Account who uses the platform during a billing period.

What is an Inactive User?

It is a User with an account that is attached to your Entity Account who didn't use the platform during a billing period. These may be accounts you are keeping for documentation purposes.

What does Total Users mean?

It is the sum of Active and Inactive User Accounts attached to your Entity Account.

Can I deactivate a User Account?

Yes, simply Edit the User and click the link to Remove them from your account.
Note: This will not delete the User's account, it will convert it to an Individual account, so they can continue using Workforceable and retain their Learning Vault.

How is this deployed?

It is cloud-based SaaS, so you don't need your own server.

Will I need special technical help to get set up?

No. The Guide and In-Line Instructions should be sufficient.

Are there any additional (hidden) costs?

No. Our pricing is completely transparent. What you see on this page is what you pay.

When do I start paying?

Business Account: The Subscription Fee must be paid in order to activate your account.
Enterprise Account: Your first invoice will arrive 30 days after you sign up.

Do you offer an annual subscription?

Yes, for the Business Account. There is a 20% discount on the rate.

Will the system translate my content when my users view it?

No. We provide the capability to identify the preferred language of your users and the language of your content, so you can be sure to match them when assigning. This means you would create separate language versions of your content.
Why we don't incorporate translation:

  1. While there are very good language translation applications, we feel it is still more reliable to have a human do the interpretation - we can help or recommend a provider if needed.
  2. One of the top benefits of our system is to document training, such as safety. In order to provide accurate documentation, we need the content you provide your users with to be in our database, which is not possible if a translation application is used.



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