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Workforceable has reimagined how learning and workforce development are linked along career pathways. You can now create an organizational chart with a profile for every job title, establish the steppingstones toward them, and recruit candidates in a whole new way.


What's new? Gamification!

Gamification is a highly effective tool for engaging learners, and it brings other benefits as well.

The Workforceable App provides a quick and easy way to assess and improve knowledge through Challenges and Content Assignments.

  • Boost learner morale.
  • Rewards provide incentive to participate.
  • The data provided can be utilized to determine progress over time toward specific benchmarks, goals, and learning objectives.

Increase sense of personal achievement.


Learning Management System


Topics (Lesson Plans) are the core of our Content.

  • The Sections (Lessons) that comprise a Topic can be an individual document or a complete publication, can include whatever materials the author desires: printable activities or worksheets, infographics, presentations, audio/video (individual or a series), etc., and can include Assessments (Tests, Challenges, Evaluations).
    • Sections can be used to create: Learning Materials, Manuals, Guides, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), etc.
  • They can be grouped in progression into Courses, which can include a final test and evaluation.

Our content can be accessed with any Internet-connected device (PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet, etc.); no special device or software is required.

Special Features:

  • Collaboration:
    • Credit people who contribute.
    • Designate a user as an editor, so they may recommend changes that you can apply to your Topic.
    • Get comments & suggestions or editorial assistance from other users.
    • Send Topic invitations/assignments to your users.
  • Functional:
    • Bookmark your favorite topic sections.
    • Create annotations for individual topic sections.
    • Each time you make changes to your own topics, backups are made in case you need to refer back to them.



You can use Item Banks for challenging knowledge of various topics, and for gathering evaluation information.

There are three types of Assessment instruments to choose from, depending on the information to be gathered: Tests (normally comprised of questions that have correct responses), Challenges (comprised of multiple guess questions, each correct answer gains points for rewards), and Evaluations (comprised of questions related to personnel evaluation).

  • Item Banks are filled with questions which are organized by: subject, level and category, and learning objective.
  • Questions may be constructed in a variety of ways; they can even use images for the question and/or multiple-choice responses.
  • Questions are selected from Item Banks to compile Assessments.


Knowing where you're at with your learning management programs and how your people are doing is imperative both for ensuring effective outcomes and planning individual learning pathways.

Workforceable provides in-depth reporting, but we will also assist with any additional needs you may have.

Course Reports provide continuous monitoring of:

  • Participation
  • Progress
  • Completion and Retention
  • Efficacy

Learning History

Workforceable enables tracking learning, retention, and progress over time:

  • Content Assignments document the knowledge that has been provided digitally.
  • Assessment Assignments document what has been learned, connected to objectives.
  • Evaluations create a continuous record of performance.


Workforceable includes a Media Center where all uploaded files can be found.


More than just the Cloud.

Sometimes the most vital information your people need are files, like your official graphics.

Using the Cloud to store and share files is a great tool, but it's not a very powerful one.

The foundation of Workforceable is a simple yet incredibly powerful Digital Asset Management system.

With Workforceable, you can:

  • Use Topics to create a master record for your digital asset.
    • Use Sections to separate various versions of the asset.
    • Upload your file(s) into our cloud.
  • Control who has access to your asset and when it is available.
  • Make your asset easy to find by adding it to your Library.

Another critical difference between Workforceable and Cloud storage is that Cloud storage accounts are tied to an individual user, so if the person leaves and someone closes their account without first downloading everything, the loss could be devastating, and expensive. But with Workforceable, your users are all tied to your Entity account, so if someone leaves, what they created remains and all you have to do is request that we reassign ownership to another one of your users.




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